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heART journal jam
a community for creative play

heart journal jam

a community for creative play

heART Journal Jam is a private Facebook group for women who are looking for a creative online community to express themselves through visual art journaling. We meet weekly to share our process, listen and support each other, share laughter and form friendships along the way.  

We welcome you to join us for a complimentary period to see if this group is one you’d enjoy. There’s a wonderful creative energy among our members that allows for courageous self-expression. All skill levels are welcome; we don’t interpret, judge, or analyze each others work. 

More about the ‘complimentary period’ below.

There are no rules in art journaling,
just opportunities for creative play!

Your art journal accepts whatever you put inside: feelings, dreams, experiences, thoughts (good and bad) and ideas. Your pages can be light and whimsical or deeply personal – you decide if you want to share them or keep them close to your heart.

here are the details:

What you need:

  • a computer, webcam and microphone
  • a few art supplies (art journal or sketchbook, scissors, glue, craft paint, images and/or old magazines). See here for some of my favourite supplies.


  • Online via Zoom
  • Join from the comfort of your own home.


  • Wednesday evenings, 6:30 to 9:00 pm Mountain Time


  • Meeting dates will be posted on the Facebook Group. No need to RSVP – join us when you can.


  • $25. yearly membership fee
  • Payable via EMT to

Complimentary Visit:

  • Your Complimentary Visit(s) and participation should be used within the posted Zoom dates, which change every 4 weeks.
  • You may pay the yearly membership fee at anytime during your complimentary period.
  • If you decide this group isn’t a good fit for you, simply remove yourself from the group or we can do it from our end.

What we’ll do:

  • Check-in, 6:30 pm – Introductions, news and updates; intentions for art making, etc.
  • Art-making, 7:00 pm – Play, create & express ourselves in our art journals.
  • Harvest/Share, 8:30 pm – Share your art, process, or both. Sharing is a courageous thing to do – you always have the option to pass. 
  • Photos – We’d love to see your finished art journal page! Upload them onto the group site, share a title, your process, or whatever you want.
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