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'soul's kitchen'
a place for stories

my 'soul's kitchen'

a place for stories

journaling – in art & words

Journaling has been my daily creative practice for many years – it’s my sacred vessel, keeper of my brightest and darkest thoughts, and a visual playground to experiment and play with new materials. It opens itself to anything I put into it. Though I enjoy many forms of art-making, journaling grounds me and has become a source of inspiration for all other creative pursuits. The Journal has become my “Soul’s Kitchen,” as Paulus Berensohn referred to his journal – a creative companion that offers itself unconditionally to my joyful expressions and raging release; it lovingly holds whatever emerges in that moment.

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my art and stories:

This is where I’ll share some of my journal pages and creative process: the thoughts, wisdom and stories that emerge through the relationship that forms between myself and my art.

I often work intuitively, beginning with a few deep breaths, tuning into my body to guide next steps, inviting creative expression through the marks, images and colours I choose (and often choose me!). I try to stay unattached, knowing that whatever emerges will be meaningful and timely for me. The soul speaks in images, so I invite a conversation with my art, asking questions and giving voice to a language that is not familiarly my own. Through my journaling practice, I bring what is inside, out. It’s a way of knowing, healing, and loving myself.

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