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Years ago, I belonged to an art group that included members from Canada, the USA and Europe. We participated in many fun projects, including sending art to each other – even whole journals! I loved the anticipation of going to the mailbox and finding treasures of artsy goodness that others had created. 

Though the cost of postage has made it prohibitive to mail whole journals, things like artist trading cards and individual art pages that can be tipped-in to your own journal or bound in a book are very do-able!

With that in mind, we’ll begin a fun mail art exchange in 2021, featuring a different theme every few months. You can express yourself in whatever medium you like to create in – sketching, collage, watercolour, acrylic, stitching, etc. ALL STYLES AND LEVELS OF EXPERIENCE ARE WELCOME!

Mail Art is a great way to connect and share your creativity with folks near and far. AND IT’S FUN! We’d love to have you join us for one or all 4 of the mail art exchanges planned!

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Said to have been invented by Andre Breton as a parlour game in 1925, exquisite corpse started out as a playful, stream of consciousness pastime for Paris’ 1920’s Surrealists but endures today an an enriching creative exercise…

Perhaps the most wonderful thing about mail art is that anyone can participate. You have to embrace the collaborative, never-ending-destination zen of it, and keep a sense of humour.

~Sara Genn

here are the details:

What are we doing and when do we begin?

  • POSTCARDS – July 1, 2021 to August 15th  
  • BOOKMARKS – October 1, 2021 to November 15th 

How many will participate?

  • We’ll set a cap of 24 participants each session.

Will we be able to share our art pieces?

  • YES! There’s a private Facebook group where you can share photos of the art you create or receive. It won’t be too much of a spoiler – the original is always better than a photo!

What are the sizes and supplies needed for each piece?

  • Postcards: 4″ x 6″
    • collage, stitch, stencil, paint…use whatever medium you prefer!
  • Bookmarks: 2+1/4″ x 7+1/4″
  • You’ll need a mailing envelope for your finished art pieces (not folded) and postage.
  • Your stash of art supplies and creative inspiration.

Are there restrictions to what I can do?

  • Please, no profanity, nudity, religious or political statements out of consideration for others.
  • Be aware that added bulk or weight such as metal or dimensional bits will add to your postage costs, and/or may delay delivery. 

How exactly will this work?

  • You’ll make an art piece for each person who signs up. 
  • Send your finished pieces to me and I will sort and mail them back to participants.
  • You’ll have approximately 6 weeks to complete each project.
  • Please commit to following through; it’s very disappointing when someone puts the time and effort into making art for others and doesn’t receive the same in return.

Can I add my name to a wait list for specific sessions? 

Is there a cost, and why?



Let the mail art fun begin!!

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