art is knowing ~ art is healing ~ art is playful FUN!

“Tell me…What is the story you are telling?

What wild song is singing itself through you?”

The creative process offers countless gifts of transformation and healing, but when life experiences block that creative flow, we may need some means of tapping into it again. 

Art Provides that Opening
and Tells a Story Deeper than Words.

Creativity can help us find meaning and beauty from all life experiences, but particularly helps us to understand, accept, and weave those unacceptable situations in order to transcend them.

Art is a way to bring soul, story, imagination and meaning back into the healing process. Art provides those openings and opportunities for new stories to emerge – stories of resilience, empowerment, hope and freedom.

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art is knowing ~

 art is healing ~

 art is playful FUN!

Hello! I’m Rosann, an Expressive Arts Educator in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  I offer creative wellness classes and workshops that invite curiosity and opportunities to explore the power of art as a catalyst for self-expression, transformation and healing.

Give it a try…

Take a deep breath, slowly release and say, “Ahhhh.”
Feel it deep within your body…it doesn’t hurt.

I did – and discovered a deeply nurturing path to heART-filled living.

Now the Ahhh/AWE comes easily.

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