art is knowing ~ art is healing ~ art is playful FUN!

our soul needs playtime!
offerings & workshops

our soul needs playtime!

offerings & workshops

Expressing yourself through the arts is an opportunity to engage in playful exploration: an invitation to be curious, follow a thread, listen to the next impulse and discover where it might lead…

Do something.
Start with pleasure.
Make a list of all the things that are pleasurable in your life and then make an art form out of one of them.
And if you’re courageous, make a list of all the things that are difficult in your life and make an art form out of one of them.

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What is inside can be expressed outside using colour, image, symbol and form. 

The workshops I offer aren’t arts & crafts, and it’s not likely you’ll gift what you make to a friend or family member. You’ll be provided a framework, clear instructions and some suggestions, but what you do with them and what emerges as a result will be deeply personal, unique and meaningful to you alone.

Though I include a variety of art mediums, you’ll notice that many of my courses use a BOOK or JOURNAL format as the sacred container to hold all the soulful, creative stories that you will bring into being.

Current offerings are listed below: scroll through and click on Details/Registration for more information.

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with heART

The next Songs with HeART Challenge will be held in November 2023 – watch for it!

stories within:

reading with heART

Reading with HeART explores the healing medicines of art and story. This is NOT your ordinary book group!

Registration is OPEN for ‘Hagitude’ by Sharon Blackie.

deeper than

Visual art journaling: tap into your intuitive knowing for wisdom, guidance and self-care.

seasons gathered

Create a beautiful handmade book filled with the visual stories and patterns of your seasonal and spiritual growth.

Registration for Summer’s Dance is now closed. 

poetic landscapes

Journey through the wordscapes of poetry to engage in deep conversation with your inner source of wisdom and guidance.

No memorization required!


creative visioning
weekend retreat

Your life IS your art – create it now!

Next session: November 24-26, 2023.


An online gathering of heARTISTS who meet weekly to create, share laughter, stories, and friendship. 

September OPEN HOUSE – FREE to join.

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