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When art and community gathers, the creative imagination is engaged and harvested to bring inspiration, healing to self and others, and a renewed vitality back to the community.

My services include group programs that invite wellness, empowerment, and healing – with a focus towards women and teens (14+) within Edmonton, the surrounding area, and now offered online. All programs can be customized to address your group needs.

Expressive arts isn’t arts and crafts or new age – healing through the arts is one of the oldest cultural practices experienced in every region of the world.  Participants are provided fun and creative exercises that invite expression and emotional release – together, all at the same time. Everyone contributes, shares, and witnesses the gifts that emerge when the creative spirit is released.

I once saw a ceramic heart, fractured but made beautiful again by an artist fillings its cracks with gold. The artist offering a celebration of imperfection, of the flawed rendered magnificent by its reclamation. I loved that symbol until I came to understand that it’s not about the filling so much as it’s about being brave enough to enter the cracks in my life so that my gold becomes revealed. I am my celebration then. See, it’s not in our imagined wholeness that we become art, it’s in the celebration of our cracks.

Cracked Heart
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speaking engagements

Listening to someone talk about art isn’t nearly as effective or fun as doing it yourself! Shaun McNiff, author and pioneer in the field of expressive arts, says, “We can only learn about creativity through our own experience of it.”

Art and creativity are soul medicine, flowing like a river through every life situation, providing an opening to whatever needs attention and change.

All speaking engagements include an experiential component so that participants get a taste of what expressive arts is about, and experience the shift that occurs when the creative spirit is engaged.

Imagine what might happen if spaces for soul medicine to unfold were available in every community…


Our stories contain the answers to each others' questions. What I cannot find searching through the riches and rubble of my own life may become apparent to me in the witnessing of yours. It's through our stories that we begin to name ourselves, to say who we are under all the social trappings, and to emerge from those trappings like a butterfly from a chrysalis.

We are midwives, in a way, to each other's rebirth.

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