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Below are some general questions you might ask before registering for a workshop. You’ll also be provided additional information for each course or workshop, specific to that class.

Please read these carefully before making a commitment – there are no refunds offered once a course begins. If your question isn’t answered here or in the  class description, please contact me.

Expressive Arts uses visual arts, movement/dance, creative writing, poetry, music and drama in an integrated way to tap into the imagination and emotions. All of my workshops are created around an expressive art framework that includes an opening, engagement with the arts, and a closing. All instructions are suggestions – you have the option not to do them or to go as deep as you want. Whether the outcome is serious or playful, I invite a full body, mind, and heart experience by engaging the senses and building upon each step of the creative process.

I strive to create a welcoming space where you can be curious, courageous, and vulnerable with your story, your writing, and your art. Share whatever feels comfortable to you – what is shared stays in our hearts. Comments, analysis, or interpretation of art is discouraged; only you know the meaning of what you create.

Not at all! The emphasis is to NOTICE; to pay attention to your thoughts and feelings while creating. Personal growth using the imagination and creative expression is available to everyone despite artistic ability or technical know-how. In fact, I’ve found that those who have had formal art training often find it harder to let go and approach their art intuitively. Beginners mind is best.

There will always be a list of suggested supplies for each workshop. I encourage you to use what you have and only purchase items you are curious to try. The basics I use most are:

  • An art journal (mixed media paper) or canvas/substrate (depending on project)
  • Basic acrylic supplies – paints, gesso, matte gel medium
  • Brushes (a large, a small); old gift cards to spread paint (fingers work well too!)
  • Papers, magazine images, fabric, book and music pages, paper napkins 
  • Mark making items – check around your home for these! Bubble-wrap, an old comb, corks, and so on can provide some interesting marks. Experiment!
  • A notebook and pen to record your thoughts, feelings or a memory while creating.


Check my Favourite Art Supplies page for other items that you can add to your art kit.

A desktop, laptop computer or tablet with a good, high-speed internet connection (WiFi) should allow you to join Zoom classes with ease. A webcam and microphone (often included on your device) will enable you to participate in interactive online workshops where discussion and sharing of our art and process are encouraged.

Please understand that all workshops feature small class sizes and often require a financial outlay by myself and those registered. To ensure the workshops go ahead, a minimum number of participants are needed. 

Should you need to cancel up to 5 days before the start of a workshop, you will be refunded 50% of your registration fee. Once a workshop or course begins, no refunds will be given.


Registering for a workshop gives you personal and individual access only. I spend a considerable time planning and preparing these classes; out of respect and integrity towards myself and other participants, I kindly ask you not to share the content with anyone. 

Though expressive arts is a powerful tool for transformation, growth and healing, and art is intrinsically therapeutic, I am not a therapist. As an Expressive Arts Educator, I will witness, support, and encourage you in your creative process, and may suggest therapeutic resources if needed.

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