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rosann's story
a few things about me

rosann's story

a few things about me

hello and welcome!

Paths and acorns are powerful symbols for me – you’ll find both sprinkled throughout my site. And that dappled, sunlit path above? It leads to one of my favourite places and is one I’ve walked many times. To me, it represents the path I walk on my life journey: stepping into those pockets of light, listening for that inner voice to guide me, knowing and trusting that each step shapes my own becoming in the same way that the tiny acorn is encoded to grow into a mighty oak tree.

a few things about me ...

  • a Capricorn and an INFJ
  • an avid reader who loves good tea and great stories
  • creatrix (art journaling, book making and creative expression) 
  • gardening enthusiast (healing herbs, hostas & hydrangeas are my faves)
  • lover of words, poetry, nature, the beauty of all seasons
  • explorer of PLACE and belonging to the land.

the longer version...

rosann whale pic 2

As soon as I could read, my head was often found between the pages of a book, and I was always happiest creating and making things. My imagination was fed by the stories I read, and a life in the arts would have suited me just fine. 

However, work, marriage and children brought grown-up responsibilities and little time for artistic pursuits. Even so, my creative voice found an outlet in home, garden, and stitching stories with needle and thread.   

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As life unfolded, art revealed itself as soul medicine and my creative companion – offering its healing gifts of wonder, play and meaning. I fully embraced this heART-led path with a beginners mind; finding joy in my own creative process as well as nurturing it in others through small group workshops.


My creative voice is often drawn to expression within the pages of a book or journal. I love making my own books, using old papers, recycled materials, fabric and found objects. Inspiration is found through a poem, quote, or within nature – intuition and the creative process guides my hand.  I create to keep becoming.

My work as an Expressive Arts Educator is rooted in the belief that art taps into our own deep wellspring of imagination and intuitive knowing, becoming the catalyst that guides us towards transformation, personal growth and healing.

I believe in the value of life-long learning – some of my classes, events, and professional development can be found here.

Though my home town is along Lake Erie’s sunshine coast, I now call Alberta *home.* Winters are long, summers are glorious, and all of its seasons and landscapes delight my senses and inspire my creativity.

I love connecting with other creative souls – whether sharing the beauty of our natural surroundings or expressing our stories through the creative arts  – but in particular, supporting and “paying attention as we listen each other into being.” 

Be well and be loved,


heart vine
rosann and lake

My *home* is on Treaty 6 territory, a traditional meeting grounds, gathering place, and travelling route to the Cree, Saulteaux, Blackfoot, Metis, Dene and Nakota Sioux. Their footsteps have marked these lands from time immemorial.

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