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Rosann Whale


Trees and sunlit path

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end.” ~ Seneca

I love both this quote and image; it feels so fitting right now. Beginnings are always exciting and so full of possibilities, aren’t they?

This is where I’ll post, explore and express art’s creative connections and my adventures in and out of the studio as an Expressive Arts Educator/Facilitator.

Along with my work as a solepreneur, time for creative play is high on my list of priorities. This includes showing up, listening, experimenting with materials, and being open to whatever newness wants to take form.

Want to join me? Here are some ideas that you can do too:

  • Begin with a poem, choose one or two lines, then splash colours on a page to express the feelings that surface.
  • Find several images that speak to you, create a collage, then let pen and paper spill words that need your art as a bridge to a more familiar language.
  • Take your camera outside for a nature walk, immerse yourself in sounds and smells, and notice the small gifts and details waiting for discovery.

What happens when creativity is given space and time?  Surprise, magic and awe are invited to make an appearance, and I’m often blown away by the conversations that arise.

First step?  Show up.

Committing to a daily art practice doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking or something else to cross off your ‘to-do’ list.  I’m choosing to do something creative and artsy in my studio every day.

So I’ll end this first post with a warm welcome to you, dear visitor. I hope you’ll find encouragement and inspiration for your creative journey.

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