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Rosann Whale

Living Water, Living Light

sunlight on water

On this hot, hot summer day, I’m thinking about water – wishing I was in it, beside it, on it – and the many different wave-kissed beaches I’ve walked.

Some of my happiest memories were times spent in and around the waters of the Great Lakes. When I travel east to visit, I always take time to find a quiet spot so that I can imprint blue on blue and sunlight dancing on water.

This excerpt from a book read several years ago made it into my art journal and really speaks to me about my relationship with water, and the ‘living light’ the author speaks about…

journal page living light

“People who live beside moving water have been given the gift of living light, and even if they never come to recognize it as such, any other light, no matter how clear or brilliant, is pale and static to them, leaving them with a sense of loss, of vulnerability, as if they have suddenly found themselves without clothes.  “I have to be near the water,” they will say. “I can’t live away from the ocean”…or the river or the creek or whatever water throws back to them the sun, or the boiling storm clouds, or the pearl of moving fog, or the wash of sunset.  But what most of them are really saying, without knowing it is, “I can’t live without that light that dances with me. I wear it like a living skin. Without it I am incomplete.”  ~ from the book Sweetwater Creek by Anne Rivers Siddons

One day, I would love to have a home near the water or at least close enough to enjoy this “living light” daily.

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