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on my shelf
some of my favourite books

on my shelf

some of my favourite books

Books have been my most valued creative companions for as long as I can remember, and they continue to be an exciting portal to discovery, inspiration and learning. There are countless artists, authors and teachers who have shared their stories and wisdom in written form. I know I wouldn’t be who I am now were it not for the knowledge and gifts I’ve found between the covers of a book.

I love it when the right book finds its way to me ‘by chance’ when I most need it. It’s not uncommon for me to have several books on the go, and each serves a different purpose – art and creativity, home and garden, and sometimes, purely entertainment.

I’ve included some of my favourites below:

Art Heals

Art & Healing

~ Barbara Ganim

Healing with the Arts

~ Michael Samuals and Mary Rockwood Lane

Healing the Soul Wound

~ Eduardo Duran

Art Heals

~ Shaun McNiff

The Picture of Health

~ Lucia Capacchione

Art as Medicine

~ Shaun McNiff

The Soul’s Palette

~ Cathy A. Malchiodi

The Artist’s Way

~ Julia Cameron

Community Healing

~ Geneva Ensign

Art & Journaling

Visual Journaling

~ Barbara Ganim & Susan Fox

Inner Journeying Through Art Journaling

~ Marianne Hieb

The Creative Journal

~ Lucia Capacchione

Art Journal Courage & Art Journal Freedom

~ Dina Wakely

Art Journals & Creative Healing

~ Sharon Soneff

Storytelling with Collage

~ Roxanne Evans Stout

Life’s Companion

~ Christina Baldwin

At a Journal Workshop

~ Ira Proof

Writing for Your Life

~ Deena Metzger

Art & Spirit

Art is a Way of Knowing 

~ Pat B. Allen

Art is a Spiritual Path

~ Pat B. Allen

Awakening the Creative Spirit

~ Christine Valters Paintner & Betsey Beckman

Drawing as a Sacred Activity

~ Heather C. Williams

Drawing to God

~ Jeri Gerding

Spirit Taking Form

~ Nancy Azara


Trust the Process

~Shaun McNiff

Art & Fear

~David Bayles & Ted Orland

The War of Art

~Steven Pressfield

Marry Your Muse

~Jan Phillips

Dancing with the Gods

~Kent Nerburn

The Creative Habit

~Twyla Tharp

Big Magic

~Elizabeth Gilbert

Creating a Life Worth Living

~Carol Lloyd

Blessed Are The Weird

~Jacob Nordby

Book Arts

Making Handmade Books

~ Alisa Golden

How to Make Books

~ Esther K Smith


~ Rachel Hazell

Books Without Paste or Glue, V1

~ Keith A Smith

Smith’s Sewing Single Sheets, IV

~ Keith A Smith

Book + Art: Handcrafting Artist’s Books

~ Dorothy Simpson Krause

Handmade Books for Everyday Adventures

~ Erin Zamrzla

Creative Handmade Paper

~ David Watson

The Papermaker’s Companion

~ Helen Hiebert

Children's Books (for Adults too)


~ Peter H. Reynolds

ishi: simple tips from a solid friend

~ Akiko Yabuki


the Word Collector

~ Peter H. Reynolds

This Is A Poem that heals Fish

~ Jean-Pierre Simeon

In My Heart: A Book of Feelings

~ Jo Witek

Choose Your Days

~ Paula S. Wallace

The Elders Are Watching

~ D.Bouchard & R. Vickers

Stolen Words

~ Melanie Florence

hope for the flowers

~ trina paulus

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