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poetic landscapes
walking our way home

poetic landscapes


YES! Poetry found me during the ‘sturm und drang’ period of my teens, but it was almost ruined for me by dry teaching and forced memorizations in school. I’m so happy to have re-discovered its healing medicines as an adult.


“Poems speak to us when nothing else will. Poetry helps us to feel our lives rather than be numb…a way of seeing and naming where we have been, where we are and where we are going with our lives.” John Fox, Poetic Medicine


Poetry and poem-making introduces you to the transformative power of words as a means to express your truth and creativity. Poetry invites you to “enter into a relationship with a poem in which…you surrender to the poem’s guidance and allow it to lead you into unknown territory.”


I invite you to join us for several virtual poetic walks with such well-known poets as Mary Oliver, John O-Donohue, David Whyte, May Sarton and more.

Promise – no memorization is required! We’ll listen, play with various poetic forms and processes, and create visual pathways to help guide you along the landscapes of your life and your sacred journey home.

The poems we are drawn to are our guides.
They ignite the journey, they point the way, they are the wind in our sails, they are the solvent to our defenses, and they give us a language for the ineffable homeland we are destined for.

Poetic Landscapes: A Deeper Walk

Along with opportunities for creative visual expression and exercises in poetry/play, I will introduce you to how poetry can  bring you into deeper conversation with your inner source of wisdom and guidance. 

Walk the Healing Path of Poetry

Distill a poem and uncover the potent guidance it offers;

Discover fun and simple forms of poetic expression;

Gather meaningful ‘words that shimmer’ and write your own beautiful found poems.

What you’ll receive:

  • A video tutorial and list of supplies to create your own  handmade book to hold your visual land-and wordscapes; 
  • An 8-step process of ‘movements’ or portals whose roots go back centuries;
  • A variety of poetic forms to play with;
  • Real-time periods of quiet reflection, writing, and creative expression;
  • Expressive directions and projects to further your creative joy.


Results may bring surprising epiphanies, shifts in perception, prompts for action, and radical self-care!

Please use the form below to register by Sunday, March 31st. A minimum number of 4 participants is required.

April is National Poetry Month.  Join me for the 4 Thursdays throughout the month:

Time: 10:00 am to 12:30 pm MT 

April 4 (week 1): A Walk with John O’Donohue

April 11 (week 2): A Walk with May Sarton

April 18 (week 3): Guest Poet Sandra Simmons

April 25 (week 4): Your Walking Companion

“Poetry provides guidance, revealing what you did not know you knew before you wrote or read the poem. This moment of surprising yourself with your own words of wisdom or of being surprised by the poems of others is at the heart of poetry as healer.” ~ John Fox, Poetic Medicine

Poetry is a companion, healer and guide.

Experience the joy of tapping into your own creative energy – an intuitive compass to carry with you on your journey.


Cost: $268. Cdn.

Payment Options:

Poetic Landscapes: A Deeper Walk

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  • From Rosann’s Zoom Room to the comfort of your Home.

What you’ll need:

  • A writing journal or notebook for written responses;
  • Your favourite creative art materials (paints, collage papers, slow stitching, etc);
  • Images from calendars, magazines, etc with a focus on nature and landscapes;
  • Curiosity and an adventurous spirit;
  • Optional: a walking stick for rough terrain 😉


Please Note: Space is limited to keep the group small, intimate, and provide a brave space for creating and sharing. Sessions are not recorded to maintain participant privacy.

"The quest to know yourself, to be yourself
To find the beauty inside yourself
And create out of it, to create there
Is a sacred journey, prone to setback.
Always just beyond the next horizon,
Just beyond the next life lesson
An elusive destination exists there.

A poet needs sustenance, food
A poet needs friendship
Just like we all do
But a poet also must carve out time
To contemplate the beauty that cannot be understood
To reflect on the silence of the stars
In case it has secrets it is willing to share."

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