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Rosann Whale

Roads are Beckoning


“Movement is where this story begins. The roads are beckoning. The sun will carry us. You are a river. Move to remain fresh, to stay clear, and invite what will come with ease. Move your body to feel fluid, to be open, to stay primal, to be free. Move your mind so it bursts wit ideas waiting to be birthed, and move across lands and roads and waters to hold the momentum, to explore, to grow, to vibrate, to breathe. Beyond this door, the world awaits. Take what you can carry. Movement sharpens our eyes again, so we can see.” ~ Victoria Erickson, Edge of Wonder

Late last fall we bought a used Motorhome – it was love at first site. After years of listening to friends’ stories about their fun adventures and wondering if maybe – perhaps – we’d like this too, we said, “Why not? We’ll never know unless we try.”

Belle Oct023 1

Throughout the winter months, we watched endless YouTube videos about the RV lifestyle – maintenance, must-have equipment, to-do’s and not-to-do’s – and lots of tips and advice from couples who do this full-time, with children and pets no less! (I kept thinking, where would I store all my art and book-making supplies?? Nope, full-time would not be for me).

This was going to be So.Much.FUN!

We had scheduled a service appointment in early February, and just about jumped out of our skins when the ignition was turned. Thieves had cleverly found a way to enter the secure storage facility and help themselves to our catalytic converter – ours and everyone else’s stored there.

When several other issues presented themselves (this was a previously owned unit), we had to keep reminding ourselves about the FUN we were going to have. Soon.

Belle now purrs like a kitten and I’m happy to say we’re looking forward to many fun travel adventures with her. There are still some decisions to be made – like what to bring in my portable art kit and how/where will I store it – you know, the important stuff ;))

Do you have any good storage ideas for your art travel kit? Let me know!

Did I mention that Belle is short for beluga…’cause she’s a whale-mobile! (haha – my quirky humour; K is innocent of this)

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