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reading with heART

Stories Within is a deeply engaging creative process that weaves a love of books, story and the expressive arts.

By blending the power of art and story, we can travel alongside those tales and adventures already written, explore unfamiliar terrain, and learn the language of the soul. We can pick up breadcrumbs along the way that illuminate connections to our own life story. And when portals and doorways to sense- and meaning-making appear, we can seize the opportunity to create possibilities for transformation, healing and re-storying to occur.  

Winter 2024 Book Selection: 

It's Never Too Late

“The book you hold in your hands is the distillate of a quarter century’s teaching. It is my attempt to answer, ‘What next?’ for students who are embarking on their ‘second act.'”        ~ Julia Cameron

From the back cover:  When someone retires, the newfound freedom can be quite exciting, but also daunting. The life that someone had has changed, and the life to come is yet to be defined. In this book, Cameron shows readers how cultivating their creative selves can help them navigate this new terrain. She tells the inspiring stories of retirees who discovered new artistic pursuits and passions that more than filled their days – they nurtured their souls.

Dear Reader, I invite you to join me on this fun and creative 12-week course (we will do it in 6 weeks) to discover, explore, and guide you towards making the most of this time in your life.


Please note that although the books and content discussed can be an opportunity for deep inner work, this is not therapy. Rather, it’s a supportive environment that offers space for participants to listen, create, and witness to others. It is the responsibility of each participant to seek out therapy should the readings or discussion bring up unresolved issues.

What will you do?

  • Read each chapter to mine the gold within, diving into the depths of the story to retrieve signs, symbols, and connections;
  • Ask questions and engage in juicy conversations about the topics and themes, noticing how the stories relate and intersect with your own and others shared experiences;
  • Tap into and engage the imaginal realms to re-write new stories of empowerment, courage, healing, and renewal;
  • Express yourself both creatively and playfully;
  • Experience this story-walking, soul-tending workshop with a circle of women.


This is FOR you if:

  • you enjoy reading a book or story that invites a deeper dive; an opportunity to explore meaning, generate questions and connections to your life story;
  • you are curious how art and the creative process can nurture, empower, heal and guide you;
  • the idea of combining your love of reading with expressive art making intrigues you;
  • you long to do this courageous – and often tender – soul-work with other women who will listen and honour your story.

here are the details:


  • 6-weeks, starting February 1st
  • Thursday, 4:00 to 6:00 pm (Mountain Time)


  • In the comfort of your own home, via Zoom

What you need:

  • a copy of the current book (paper or audible);
  • a computer with good internet connection, webcam and microphone;
  • a notebook or art journal for artmaking and written response ; 
  • art materials (use what you have).

Cost & Registration

  • Use the form below to register.
  • Choose your payment option.
  • Payment and Registration is required to hold your spot.
  • Registration is CLOSED 🙂

We enter into a story through the door of inner hearing. If a story is seed, then we are its soil.
Just hearing the story allows us to experience it as though we ourselves were the heroine who either falters or wins out in the end.

If we hear a story about a wolf, then afterward we rove about and know like a wolf for a time.
If we hear a story about a dove finding her young at last, then for a time after, something moves behind our own feathered breasts.
If it be a story of wresting the sacred pearl from beneath the claw of the ninth dragon, we feel exhausted afterward, and satisfied.

In a very real way, we are imprinted with knowing just by listening to the tale."

Path Fairy

Since the beginning of time, story-telling has been a way to teach, learn, and transform self and others by way of the lessons and wisdom gained through personal experience and the world around us.

“I firmly believe that story is our primary inspiration – an ancient, much-neglected tool which helps us conjure up sharply hones images of who exactly it is that we might want to become if we are lucky enough to grow old. Because stories are spells; they change things. When they hook us and reel us into their magic, they change us. It’s stories that will save us, in the end. Not just the stories we read or tell, or the stories we want to be in, but the ones that live inside us and the ones we live inside. The stories we invite in; those that we choose to inhabit.” ~ Sharon Blackie, Hagitude

I invite you to step IN to story…  


Stories Within isn’t just a book group –

it’s so much more!

Books we’ve read in the past: 

Book Belonging
Dancing Book
The Enchanted Life Book
Creatrix Book
Hagitude book

Here’s what past participants have to say:

Stories Within is

story medicine for your Soul.

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