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Rosann Whale

Waiting for Spring

journal page, waiting for spring

This is the time of year when I am ready to come out of winter hibernation, however, the view beyond my window isn’t very inviting, so I hunker down and wait it out. Temps finally went above ‘0’ celsius today, but now it’s freezing rain – not only wet and miserable but treacherous to walk.

Ugh…I’m definitely in a funk.

I woke to a glimpse of pink sky in the east which disappeared almost as quickly as it came, and what settled in for the remainder of the day was grey.

Grey matches the colour of my thoughts and feelings right now; my heart feels heavy, aching for the family of a young man murdered – because of his skin colour, because he was in the wrong place, because being white still affords privileges and excuses and acquittals. Justice did NOT prevail in this case.

Journal sky

So I opened my art journal and painted hope. Greens and blues and yellows and whites.

Waiting butterfly

A butterfly and the hint of a bird flying from behind the shadows…

journal page, senses

Tapping into senses that remember…

journal page, girl on rock

Standing on a rock beside flowing water…

…waiting for spring to arrive.

journal hero

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